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We are instrumental in offering superior quality range of Vacuum Pump to the esteemed customers. These pumps are manufactured by employing latest technology and advanced machinery, at our state-of-the-art infrastructure. In addition to this, we make sure that the ordered products are timely delivered at the clients’ premises. In our range, we offer HHV Pumps Roots Boosters, Two Stage Oil Sealed, Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps, Single Stage Oil Sealed, Rotary Piston Vacuum Pumps, HHV Pumps CD Series Pumps and Water Ring Vacuum Pumps.

Oil Sealed Rotary Piston Vacuum Pump


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Product Details:

Maximum nominal power rating kWHP Phase
Molecular distilled oil gradeMD-505
Weight Kg (Ib)720 (1584)
Outlet connection nozzle OD56 mm
Ultimate pressure gas ballast closedmbar (Torr) 1X10-2 (7.5X10-3)
Gas ballast openmbar (Torr) 1x10-1 (7.5X10-2)
Oil capacity (litres)12 inlet connection
Nominal pumping speedM3/hr 250 Cfm 147 L/min 4100
Recommended oilHHVP
Power supply410V +-10%; 50Hz+-5%
ModelCP 250

We are engaged in offering Oil Sealed Rotary Piston Vacuum Pump to the customers. These pumps are known for their efficient ability to work under strenuous working conditions with consistent vacuum performance. Used for rough medium vacuum applications, these CP Series Pumps are widely appreciated for their maintenance-free and reliable functioning.


Other details:


  • CP series-built tough rugged belt-driven single stage oil sealed

  • Rotary piston vacuum pumps

  • HHV pumps

  • CP series pumps

  • Rugged in construction

  • Robust and compact water cooled for continuous operation

  • Reliable performance

  • Proven operations

  • Built-in anti-suck back

  • Built-in gas ballast feature

  • Performance testing in accordance with Pneurop 6602




  • Research and Development

  • Freeze Drying

  • Vacuum furnaces

  • Oil and Gas industries

  • Electrical industries (Lamps and Tubes)

  • Metallurgical industries

  • Pharma and Laboratories

  • Power industries

  • Chemical industries

  • Defence

  • Coating and Deposition

  • Vacuum impregnation

  • Backing pump for roots, turbo, diffusion and cryogenic pumps



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HHV Vacuum Pump


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Product Details:

Maximum nominal power rating kW0.75 1.5 3.7 HP 1 2
Weight Kg (Ib)90(198), 110(242), 275(605)
Molecular distilled oil gradeMD-504
Recommended backing pumpM3/hr 125 120/250 250
Nominal pumping speedM3/hr 150 500 1000
Fore vacuum connection (outlet-backing) dia70 mm 100 mm
Power supply410V+-10%; 50Hz+-5%
Ultimate pressure with backing pumpMbar (Torr) 5X10-1 *(3.75X10-1)
Cooling mediumAir
Pump rotational speedRpm 2800
High vacuum connection (outlet-backing) dia70 mm 153mm
Effective speed with backing pump0.1 mbar M3/hr 125 400/460 800
Recommended oilHHVP
Oil Capacity (for bearing) litres1 1.5 2
Power SourceElectric
Model No.RD150, RD500, RD1000

Offered by us are Roots Boosters HHV Vacuum Pump to the esteemed customers. These HHV Pumps Roots Boosters can accommodate different backing pumping speed, which allows the users to configure these systems as per the user’s needs. Moreover, these products are appreciated for their efficient functioning and durable standards.




  • Robust

  • Suitable for continuous operation

  • Higher compression ratio

  • Enhanced performance

  • Longer life

  • Futuristic bearing system

  • Smoother and quiet operation

  • Built-in bypass value for atmospheric start




  • Automotive

  • Aviation

  • Chemical

  • Coating and Deposition

  • Electrical and Power Cryogenics

  • Lamp, CFL, and Tubes

  • Environment

  • Food

  • Heavy industries

  • Oil gas

  • Heat treatment

  • Metallurgy

  • Nuclear

  • Space

  • Research

  • Pharma

  • R D

  • Solar PECVD/Sputtering/CVD

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CD Series Vacuum Pump


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Product Details:

Weight kg (lb)440 (968) 450 (990)
Pump modelCD90, CD120
Ultimate pressure gas ballast closedM bar (Torr) 1x10 per cube (7.5x10)
Recommended oilHHVP
Pump rotational speedLoad rpm 490
Gas ballast openM bar (Torr) 1x10 per square (7.5x10) per cube
Maximum nominal power ratingkW 3.75 5.5 HP 5 7.5 Phase 3
Outlet connection nozzle OD 25mm
Nominal pumping speedM per cube/hr 90 120 cfm 53 70 L/min 1500 2000
Molecular distilled oil gradeMD-504
Oil capacity (litres)6 inlet connection
Power supply410V +/- 10%; 50Hz +/- 5%

We are engaged in offering genuine quality CD Series Vacuum Pump to the esteemed customers. These pumps are widely used to handle various applications, thus, highly demanded in several industries and sectors. Our range of pumps is widely appreciated for its excellent performance with consistent vacuum in rough medium vacuum applications.




  • Built-in gas ballast feature for pumping condensable vapors performance testing in accordance with PN Europe 6602

  • Built-in anti-suck back

  • Maintenance free

  • Reliable operations

  • Robust compact water cooled for continuous operation

  • Prevent oil back stream

  • Lowest cost of ownership




  • Oil gas industries

  • Pharma and laboratories

  • Electric industries

  • Freeze drying

  • Chemical industries

  • Defence

  • Research and development

  • Metallurgical industries

  • Leak detection backing pump

  • Power industries

  • Coating and deposition

  • Vacuum impregnation

  • Vacuum furnaces

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Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump


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Product Details:

Outlet connectionKF KF-25 KF-40
Ultimate pressure gas ballast closed Bar (Torr) 2x10 per cube (1.5x10 per cube)
Recommended oil HHVP
Weight kg (lb) 27 (59.4)* 29 (63.8)* 35 (77)* 115 (253)
Maximum nominal power rating kW 0.37 0.37 0.75 2.2 HP 0.5 0.5 1 3 Phase 1 and 3 1 and 3 1 and 3 3
Inlet connection KF KF-25 KF-40
Pump rotational speedLoad rpm 1440
Molecular distilled oil grade MD-504
Gas ballast open Bar (Torr) 5x10 per square (3.75x10 per square)
Oil capacity liters 0.7, 0.9, 1.2 6
Pump modelFD6 FD12 FD20 FD60
Nominal pumping speedMeter per cube /hr 6 12 20 60 cfm 3.5 7 11.7 35 L/min 100 200 333 1000
Power230V +/- 10%; 50Hz +/- 5% for single phase 410v +/- 10%; 50Hz +/- 5% for three phase

Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump has been developed by HHV Pumps. The pumps offered by us are known for their improved designs and smooth operational capacity. Moreover, our range of pumps is used to handle high medium vacuum applications.




  • Robust and compact

  • Forced oil lubrication system

  • Quiet operation

  • Built-in oil vane pump

  • Improved vapor handling performance

  • Performance down to 10³ bar

  • Give maximum flow

  • Performance testing in accordance with PN Europe 6602

  • Minimal vibration

  • Improved inlet port

  • Lower oil consumption


Typical applications:


  • Refrigeration

  • A.C.

  • Electrical and power leak detection

  • LCMS and GCMS

  • CFL and tubes

  • Freezing

  • Drying

  • Research and development

  • Pharma and laboratories

  • Coating and deposition lamps

  • Backing pump for roots

  • Turbo, diffusion and cryogenic pumps





  • Overall dimension 10% reduction in size

  • Oil sight glass gives maximum and minimum levels

  • Innovative design improved by better gas ballast performance

  • Weight 30% lighter in weight

  • 60% oil charge reduce

  • Reduced oil loss

  • Anti-suck back introduction of inlet valve and air auxiliary valve

  • Improved gas ballast performance

  • Built-in lifting hook

  • 12% reduced noise level

  • Seals all FKM seals and O-rings vane spring pins headed type for longer life vapor handling

  • Improve cooling

  • Fewer parts required to build the pump

  • Improved oil circuit

  • GB knob remains in the pump

  • 100% oil removal by oil drain

  • Result in better vacuum

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Water Ring Vacuum Pump

  • Water Ring Vacuum Pump
  • Water Ring Vacuum Pump

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Product Details:

Maximum Vacuum 710 mm Hg (28")
Power SourceElectric
Capacity2000 m per cube per hr

We are instrumental in offering genuine quality Water Ring Vacuum Pump to the customers. These Water Ring Vacuum Pumps are manufactured by our team of adept professionals. Our product range is made available to the clients in different sizes and capacities to meet the market demand in an efficient manner.




  • Easy installation

  • Leakage resistance

  • Easy maintenance

  • High performance

  • Low noise

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Flexible outlet design

  • Dynamically balanced rotor

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